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SA Power Outage in 2016

5MW Solar Farm Energy Harvesting & PayBack Calculator

Change the Panel Watts, Array Racking to your nearest Latitude Location for better Generation accuracy!

NB: Only the RED cells can be changed, currently set for a 5MW solar farm.

 1) Solar Farm Energy GENERATION :: 

Enter Solar Panel Quantity:


Solar Panel Power:

  *Solar Module cost:

$ Watt. 

   *September 2020: $
 Solar Racking & Harvesting:

 For accurate calculation, if solar array is effected by Shading from trees, buildings or terrain, reduce the hours of Harvesting.

 Total Energy Harvested:

kWh DC energy per Day

 Solar Array Size 

per Hour/peak

 Energy Harvested 

per Day/peak

 Energy Harvested 

per Week/peak

 Energy Harvested 

per Month/peak

 Energy Harvested 

per Quarter/peak

 Energy Harvested 

per Year/peak

 Above Fields indicate peak Energy production, other transmission losses reduce these results. 

 2) Australian Energy Market PRICE :: (AEMO) Electricity Price & Demand Available Here.

 Get the live Australian National Spot Electricity Market Price 

 The Wholesale Market Spot Price 

$ per MWh 


$ per kWh 

 Spot Price varies from $60~$180MWh.

 Change the Spot Market Price Field above, to the Current or Offered Market rates!


 per Hour


per Day


per Week


per Month


per Year

$ $




 Above income Fields are Calculated by the above Market Spot Price Field.

 3) RENEWABLE ENERGY CERTIFICATES :: Large-scale Generation Certificates (LGC) Market Price 

  LGC Price: 

$ per MWh 


$ per kWh 

 For Large scale Solar Farms the LGC Payments are Claimed each Year, these fluctuate.

 So, Change the LGC Certificates Price above to the current offer Market rates.

 NB: LGC Rate is set to $23.60MWh in 2020, said to be lowered to $14.25MWh in 2021.

 4) SOLAR FARM - Potential Payback time ::

 Enter Your Solar Farm's Total Investment Cost: 

$ Enter Solar Farm Total Cost. (LOC is approx. $1'000'000MW)

Approx. Yearly Income: 

$ Calculated on the National Electricity Spot Market Price set above.

Approx. Yearly LGC: 

$ Calculated on Large-scale Generation Certificate Spot Rate set above.

Years to Break-Even Point: 

 Years  Based on figures entered above.

Solar Farm Investment Expense: 

$ per kWh   =Total Cost ÷ by system kWh.

Solar Levelised Cost of Energy LCOE: 

$ per kWh  LCOE =Total System Cost ÷ 25 year energy Generation.

LCOE is Calculated on the system's total out of pocket Cost inc. O&M ÷ 25 years kWh Generation. (25 years assumed lifetime)

 Change any of the above RED Fields to see the Investment Payback Time!

Important: *Please note that all amounts and estimates shown above can be set to suit multiple configurations, and are used for symbolic estimation purpose only.  The actual figure depends on lots of issues including quantity of sun (cloud coverage), single or dual axis tracking, cabling (DC/AC), electrical connections and electronic losses etc.  These amounts and figures should be considered as example only, and under whatever circumstances, we do not make any guarantee, or cannot be held responsible about these estimates, if used as an actual return on investment!

Use the above calculator to evaluate the kWh array type and size you require, DAT is superior at Energy Generation than any other Racking type.

Below Module Racking options are commonly used in Solar Farm's !

DAT-15 module holds 15x 380W panel Array =5.7kWh peak DC energy.

DAT-15 module holds 15x 435W panel Array =6.5kWh peak DC energy.

DAT-24 module holds 24x 380W panel Array =9.1kWh peak DC energy.

DAT-24 module holds 24x 435W panel Array =10.4kWh peak DC energy.

SAT holds 60x 6 Rows, 380W panel Array (image) =137kWh/p peak DC energy.


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