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Payback Investment Calculator:

 Pay your Battery Bank Off, using your Existing Solar array !

 This page is set to using Existing Solar Array, change Array Type to nearist city.

 So, get your most expensive power bill and Adjust this calculate to recover your investment cost/time.

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Allready have a Solar Array

(USE THIS Calculator)

Micro Power Grid & Equipment Pay-Back Calculator. 

Enter your Power Consumption & the Retail Rate; (kWh Rate needed to calculate savings, based on Self Consumption)

 Your Peak-Power Rate Usage ? 
 Your Shoulder-Power Rate Usage ? 
 Your Off-Peak-Power Rate Usage ? 
Daily Supply Charge ? 
$  =  $Quarterly Grid Supply Charge.   
State Grid Electricity COST:

Calculate your Equipment & Generation Cost;

# Hybrid MPPT Inverter ? 

 Solar Inverters DON'T charge Batteries!

# Using Existing Solar Array ? 

 This calculator Excludes Solar Panel Costs !

# Select Solar Array Type ? 

 Solar Harvesting.

 # Duel-Axis Solar Tracking Kit ? 

# Battery Storage ? 

# Super Capacity Battery ? 


# Back-up Diesel Generator ? 

Cost of Wind Mill ? 

$   Wind Power Generated:  kW (Day)     kW Wind Power (Year) 

Cost of Aqua Generator ? 

$   Aqua Power Generated:  kW (Day)     kW Aqua Power (Year) 

The System Energy Harvesting & Storage Results;

Solar Power Produced:

kW Day    $ 

Battery Energy Storage:

 kW Stored Battery Power.   

 Gen-Set Power Produce:

       kW (Day)    kW (Year)     litres (Day)   $ Day  

The Micro Grid Results;

TOTAL Power Produced:


TOTAL Power Consumption:


*System Excess Power:

kW Year     $

 Excess Power field MUST be Positive, if not increase Solar or other Power production, more Power production will reduce the break-even period quicker !

 *Sell Power to Reposit Retailer:

 kW Year     $

In the Red Reposit Retailer field above, Enter no more than is in the Excess Power field, this will deduct the kWh from Excess Power field.

 NB: You must have Battery Storage, to be able to On-sell power to a Reposit Power Retailer !

TOTAL System Cost: $
Total Yearly Power Production Cost: $ NB: Battery storage is required to Self-consume all your generated power.
Payback Time:  Before profit, includes System cost, less Rebates, Credits & Fuel.
TOTAL Yearly Savings/Income: $ After the break-even period, includes Solar savings, Feed-In and Harvest Credits.

Will your electricity savings pay for Financing your Micro Power Grid ?

YES, if you add a year to the 'PayBack time' and $1'000 for installation, your Monthly repayment should be less then your Power bill !

The larger your Battery storage the more secure and less chance of you having a black-out.

# Recommended products to become totally independent of the state grid.

* Only if more power is generated than consumed, this calculator will reduce your Payback Time further !

If you want to calculate your Battery system Amp-hour (Ah) into Kilowatt Hour (kWh) Electrical Click Here.

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