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3. Lead Acid Battery (LAB) Calculator 

Other Battery Calculators
(LiFePo4) (NiFe) (Lead)

Use this battery calculator to convert Ampere hour to Kilowatt hour etc.

You can only change the RED cells.

Ampere Hour To Kilowatt Hour Electrical Unit Conversion:

Battery Rating (Volts):
Battery Capacity Rating:
Ah   (Ah =Amp-hours)    (Wh =Watt-hours)
Batteries or Banks in Series: Series Wiring  (-/+ Doubles Voltage, Same Capacity)
Batteries or Banks in Parallel: Parallel Wiring  (+/+ Same Voltage, Doubles Capacity)
Total Batteries in System:
Batteries Bank Voltage DC:
Battery Bank Energy Wh:
Battery Bank Energy kWh:  (1 kW = 1'000 Watts)
Battery System Capacity:

Current of stored above set of batteries:

Current of System:

Battery Bank Charge/Discharge Time:

Battery's "C" Rating: "C" Rating  a Marketing term for Charge/Discharge.
Charge/Discharge Load: Amps  Set this Cell to your proposed Amps Usage or Charge Rate !
Battery Load Rate: Hours to Charge or Discharge. 
Battery Load Rate: Minutes to Charge or Discharge. 

Discharge Formulas;

Discharge time is basically the Ah rating divided by the current.

Charge Formulas;

Example: Battery AH X Battery Volt ÷ Applied load.

So, for a 110Ah battery with a load that draws 20A you have: #110÷20 =5.5 hours.

The charge time depends on the battery chemistry and the charge current.   For NiFe, for example, using Solar this could typically be <65% of the Ah rating for 4~6 hours.   Other chemistries, such as LiFe & LiMh batteries will be different.

Say, 1200Ah x 48V÷1000 Watts =12 hrs (with 40% loss at the max = 48x40÷1000 =1.92 hrs).

For sure, the backup may lasts up to 4.8 hrs at 100% efficiency.

#1200mAh is the same as 1.2Ah. 300mA is the same as 0.3A

  • Wh = Ah x Voltage, where 1kW = 1000W.
  • "C" Rating is the Battery Charge or Discharge Rate.
Volts  x  Amp hours  =  Watt hours
(V) x (Ah) = (Wh)
Capacity  ÷  Load  =  Battery life
(in Ah) ÷ (in A) = (in h)
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