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Nickel Iron Battery Electrolyte Mixing Calculator

The following is the NiFe electrolyte mixing formula:

One (1) litre of liquid electrolyte weight approx. 1.20kg

The formula is: KOH=0.266kg + LiOH=0.02kg + Distilled Water=0.914kg =1.20kg.

CAUSION: Electrolyte is Caustic & DANGEROUS when EXPOSED to SKIN, EYES & if INJESTED !

We advised you to wear rubber gloves and protective glasses at all times whilst mixing and handling this electrolyte.

The following is the instructions of the mixing process, mix it accordingly;

  1. Water must be Distilled Water. (Contaminants in tap, ground or even rain water may shorten the life of the Electrolyte, and possibly coat the internal cells over time.)

  2. Place the Distilled water in a mixing Vessel firstly. (vessels should be stainless steel, plastic, glass or porcelain)

  3. Put the KOH power into the distilled water, and mix them well.

  4. Then Add the LiOH power into above mixed water, and mix well again.

DANGER: ONLY add Chemicals into water separately, NEVER add water into Chemicals, this is due to the thermal chemical reaction.

Use the following to Calculate the mixture quantities needed per batch;

NiFe Battery Size:

Quantity of Distilled Water:


Number of Batteries:

 How many batteries are you going to fill in one batch ?
Quantity of KOH:  To confirm formula: multiply Litres by 0.266 x Batteries.
Quantity of LiOH:  To confirm formula: multiply Litres by 0.02 x Batteries.
Total Weight of Electrolyte:

It won't hurt if add a little extra of KOH or LiOH chemicals into the electrolyte.

If you already have Solar you can make your own FREE Distilled Water, by purchase a $70 Water Distiller on ebay, these 750W units make 1 litre per hour.

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