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Incorporate Super-Capacitor bank to assist or replace a battery Bank !

(Calculator Converts Farads, Volts, Ampere, kWh & Cost)

NB: We are unsure if this calculator is accurate, if you know otherwise please email us !

Change the  Purple  fields to calculate the stored energy.

Capacitance in Farads ?      Capacitor Volts ?      Cost per Capacitor ?  $
 Capacitors in Series (-/+ Doubles Voltage)   Capacitor Banks Parallel (+/+ Doubled Capacity).
 Capacitors in Module.         Volts per Module.       Farads per Module (Capacitance).   
 Watt hour.     Amps hour.     kWh.  
 Cost for Super-Capacitor Bank: $

Default above is set to our Generic 48V, 6.70kWh SC Energy storage module.

Inserting just a small GTCAP Capacitor Module that matches your battery bank Voltage, instantly will extend the life of your main battery storage, because Capacitors are Extremely better at supplying large instant demand/drain of energy that most high start-up alliances draw for shorter periods, and in turn that saves & extends the life of all battery technologies!

A bank of capacitors need to be wired with protection circuit boards with Zener Diodes or sometimes called "Breakdown Diode", these do several things, protect each cell from over voltage & Heating and slow the voltage drain from the capacitors over time, however Energy storage & drainage is a daily event, and thus long-term storage is rarely required.

Capacitor bank should also have say a 150A switch that act as both circuit breaker and disconnect switch to protect the system if required.

Important: Please note that all amounts and estimates shown above can be set to actual market rates, and are used for symbolic estimation purpose only.  The actual figure depends on lots of issues including quality of materials, power conditions, operational temperature and others.  These amounts and figures should be considered as example only, if used as an actual return to investment!

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