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Residential, Neighbourhood or Community Power

If you can afford and don't mind that your power bills have increased in the last 5 year that's fine, keep doing the same things, if NOT change your thinking & direction or you will be in a worse position in 5 years time as you are right now!

Regrettably, we hear to many Australians complain about the cost of power, But many don't even take one step towards analysing why, they fall into a trench of despair and become like the proverbial sheep on a slow train to the slaughter house, urban people are the worst, many simply don't plan past the next Facebook or Twitter post, let alone there own future!

So, hears a challenge for those that want to be part of the disruptive Power revolution, there is no better time like the present !

  1. New Solar: Use this NEW Micro-Grid Calculator Yourself ! (See Loan CalculatorNew Tab Window)
  2. Excising Solar: Use this Existing Solar & Battery Calculator !
  3. Ask for Assistance: GO fill in this System evaluation form !

If you "Fail to plan", your "Planning to fail", and possibly will succeed at Nothing but being a winger! Even if it's only an exercise, fill in the form, it WILL start you in a positive direction.

We believe in dumping the deceptive Electricity Retailers, and minimising the use of State Generated power in favour of a mass roll-out of Residential, Neighbourhood or Commercial Community owned Power Generation, as "Power Independence" is part of the Big picture to disrupt the government Mafia mentality!

Although that may not fare well with low income renters & pensioners, any household that consume around 5kWh day are able to self-fund a 5kWh day micro grid, eg. 3kWh Hybrid inverter, 5.2kWh Nickel Iron (NiFePo4) Battery, and just 2x 500W solar panels fitted to a very small DAT unit.  That size micro-grid purchase would be self funded with power savings in 5 years (excludes fitting), and that battery will provide power independence/savings for approx. the next 10 years.

Community based power would be a Big Disruptive force to be recognised with, as our grossly incompetent, self serving & out of touch politicians, appear to be over educated and ill informed to the realities of the progress in Solar & Battery advancements in the last decade.  To change there thinking, we should possibly put all politicians on a reward system, instead of listening to there posturing, of which very few people do, as most of media statements are a play of words, making Fake news for the new bread of smart phone, Goggle Journalists, that gives them something to talk/blog about!

However, the bottom line actually falls at the feet of the consumers, as ALL homes and medium to large sized businesses can easily and IMEDIATLY become power independent by installing a correctly sized Battery powered Micro Grid!

It is commonly believed the government "self regulated energy Authority", that in turn is actually owned by State Grid, don't want the community to known that by simply investing (purchasing) a Micro Grit matched to each premises energy consumption, will NO-LONGER need the out of touch & over charging, so called Electricity Retailers or the state grid.

Basically the reason this is not happening nationally, is that most people are too lazy to investigate the possibility and take the steps needed.  Contact us, we will show you the way, whether you choose to take up our offer & go down this path is totally up to you!

Community Power Generation: If a Community Power project remains Under 100kW, they will be able to claim the Renewable Energy Credits (REC) up front, this all makes way for Communities to become a "Real Energy Retailer" as they will actually be generating & selling there own power, unlike our current Electricity Retailers, that don't actually generate any power, they simply compete to send you a bill.

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The Electricity Retailers dirty secrets they don't want people to know: How to make the Electricity Retailers Redundant!

Calculate the Cost to self-fund your own Micro Power Grid.

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SA Power Outage in 2016

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