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Total Power Independence requires just 3 items, that match your Energy usage;

  • Item-1) Hybrid Inverter is the brains of all micro grids, allowing battery charging, and other power inputs & management software.
  • Item-2) Solar Array matched to Harvesting your power consumption, or can include Aqua & Wind generation to .
  • Item-3) Battery bank with a capacity equal or great than your daily consumption is the most important item!
  • Optional: A Fuel Generator will Blackout proof and secure 24/7 Back-Up power supply!  A Generator with Electric Start is best, as the Hybrid Inverter software will Automatically start & stop a generator when Batteries trigger Low voltage.

Once you have those items, from any location in Australia you will be able to Self-fund your own Micro Power Grid in Power savings alone, and the savings start the instant your system becomes operational !

It makes complete financial and ecological sense to integrate Batteries and Solar (Aqua & Wind optional) into an Off-Grid or Grid connected System.

Battery Storage is the main TurnKey item, your battery storage should be capable of storing at least 80% or preferably Greater kWh power than your daily consumption, thus providing at least 24hour battery back-Up Power.

Having a good Silenced Diesel generator or any generator with Auto start function, provides the ultimate level of power reliability, a Silenced Generator is a luxury that most Off-Grid people with battery storage, say they rarely use, unless Welding or operating Very High amp Machinery.  Basically a gen-set reduces the Depth of Discharge (DOD) on the battery bank, in turn greatly increase the life cycle of all batteries!

Important: Whilst operating a gen-set the power should be going through the Hybrid inverter, so you benefit by harvesting the normally un-used/excess power to charge your Batteries, where auto-start only occurs if your solar array fails to harvest adequate power due to inadequate sun in bad weather conditions during the day.

A fuel Gen-Set is usually only operated when all other forms of power production fails, and best used to power your premises for the shortest time possible, all whilst charging/topping up your battery bank to a pre-programmed level, before automatically shutting down until needed again!

These Investment calculator demonstrate that diesel generators and photovoltaic (PV) technology can be combined in perfect harmony.

Where a larger stand alone Diesel generators use a Generator controller that are responsible for managing the generator operation, a Hybrid Inverter will work in harmony with a system controller to ensures fast and reliable control of the entire system.

We provides support in planning the PV-Genset solution, again it all comes down to the daily power you consume, whereby you invest in a generator system to provides your daily power usage in as short a time as possible, it is very simple to up-size your PV system in the future, usually only requiring a larger inverter.

Commonly the smallest generator we suggest is a 3.5kW as that generally speaking will provide the heaviest power demand for most premises.

Remember: Initially all that is required for a black-out proof system, is to invest in a silenced Gen-set that will only be operated to top-up your battery bank until the next Sun rise!

These are some of the Gen-Set design we offer;

6kWh, single cylinder Diesel engine

Silenced Gen-Set 74dB at 7mt.

10kWh, 3 cylinder Diesel engine

Silenced Gen-Set 68dB at 7mt.

10kWh, Diesel Silenced Housing Gen-Set.

NB: This Gen-Set is manufactured with a deep chassis to accommodate Long-Run Diesel Fuel Tank.

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