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Power Company's and Electricity Retailers deceptive Power Plays!

If you want to know how underhanded our current & past government treats us ?

Then watch this video, it uncovers the Cronyism and Deceptive charges the Regulators and Electricity Retailers enforce!

Go to website: you are better informed as to how deceptive the self governing Energy Regulator and Electricity Retailers are!

The first Blatant Cons is the Electrical Retailers ! The so called "Electricity Retailers" (tHE rOAD bLOCKers TO Power Independence) in fact do NOT Supply, Pay or Transmit the power you consume, they simply skim a very lucrative "Commission" by loading you power bill with deceptive charges, the commission that in 2018 amounts to over 40% for simply sending you a bill & handling your account (like a real estate agent), and no matter what amount your power bills come to, the actual cost of your residential power is only 20% of your total bill !

Whilst Coal price have been dropping for several years, the power rates keep on increasing, in 2005 the government setup the 'Australian Energy regulator' that is actually controlled by the same state government that own the state electricity company they were tasked with regulating, so the regulators are regulating themselves!

The truth is, now more than ever before an individual can become totally independent and disconnect from the state power grid, all it takes is a Battery bank and a Solar array that harvests the power equal to your daily power consumption, it's that simple. 

People need to be educated, that spending $10'000~30'000 on the family car will return very little after 5~10 years, where investing from $4'500~$45'000 on a totally transportable power system, will not only "Self Fund the investment in 5~6 years", thereafter you will not have to pay for ANY power for the next 10~30+ years, this is largely dictated by the batteries you purchase!

However, going totally off-grid may not necessarily the best option for everyone when looking at the big picture, as recently several 'Bespoke Retail power company's', started offering up to $1.00 per kWh "Grid Credits" to purchase what would normally be your un-used stored power, once signed up with one of the bespoke companies, they install a software box that automatically Harvest your normally un-used power from your battery storage. ...GridCredits have the ability to reduce your break-even time by up to 90%, this is currently the way of the future!

The next con is 'Poles & Wire' maintenance: In City's it is misinterpreted to be approx. 50% (60% Country regions) of your power bill is supposedly for upgrading the "Poles and Wires", and those estimations are also loaded with fraudulent, misleading and largely un-needed upgrade charges by each state department (exposed publicly in the above video link), where again, government departments have watch dogs (regulators), watching themselves!

Power Independence: Simply put is becoming totally independent of the state grid, you only need to purchase a battery bank with a kW storage capacity equal to (or larger) your largest daily kWh usage, and a solar array that produces equal kWh to usage, then if you choose to remain grid connection for security, you will only have to pay the grid "supply charge", that should be ok if you produce all or the lion share of your own power.

Remember: To become Truly Power independent, your battery storage capacity needs to be equal or greater than your maximum daily kWh of power used or more, then you can store a full 24 hour of power for harvesting when needed, any excess power produced can then be exported to the state grid once your batteries are fully charged, we also recommend you source a new breed of forward thinking Bespoke Electricity Retailers offering around $1.00kWh feed-in Credit, but the Reposit box they use does not yet work with the oldest & most reliable NiFe batteries.

If you happen to set up a large private power system, you can actually chose to sell your power to a neighbour at a rate you independently negotiate!

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The dirty secrets the Electricity Retailers don't want people to know: Read this article Electricity Retailers Redundant!

See the Cost to self-fund your own Micro Power Grid.

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SA Power Outage in 2016

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