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Lets make the deceptive Electricity Retailers Redundant !

Power Independence:

Is simply becoming totally independent of the state grid and the deceptive self governed Retailer charges!

This calculator show you how to self fund this in 1~3 year in electricity savings, by greatly increasing the grid-feed-in credits, by signing up with REPOSIT Power, and then never have to pay for power again !

To accomplish true long term power independence, the key is to invest in a Battery bank with a capacity equal or greater than your daily kWh power consumption and equal or more Solar generation, then once your battery(s) are full, you have 24 hour or more of power stored for harvesting when needed, But be aware Not all batteries are Equal !

Many people that previously invested in Solar, purchased a larger solar array than there consumption, largely to reduce there power bill & make in income before the feed-in tariff was reduced to 6~9 cents kWh in 2017.

People with a solar array paid-off in power savings are in the best situation! As there further investment in just Battery storage will commonly only take 2~3 years to break-even in electricity savings, by self consumption !

People with a battery & solar system that choose to remain Grid connected to Black-out proof there premises, can choose to export any excess power harvested during the day into the state grid, thereby possibly covering the state grid service fees & even get a few dollar credit.

With a large private energy storage system, you can have a private agreement with a neighbour at a rate you agree upon!

Back to the Blatant Cons of the Electrical Retailers ! The so called "Electrical Retailers" in fact do NOT Supply, Pay or Transmit the power you consumer, they ALL simply skim a very lucrative "Commission" by loading you bill with deceptive charges, there commission amounts to over 40% of your bill, for simply sending you a bill & handling your account (like a real estate agent), and no matter what amount your power bills come to, in general the actual cost of your residential power is only 20% of your total bill !

Whilst Coal price have been dropping for several years, the power rates keep on increasing, in 2005 the government setup the 'Australian Energy regulator', that is actually controlled by the same state government that own the state electricity company they were tasked with regulating, so the regulators are regulating themselves!

REMEMBER: You only need to invest in a battery bank with a kW storage capacity equal to (or larger than) your highest daily kWh usage, and a solar array should also harvest equal or more kWh than your usage, then if you choose to remain grid connection for security, you will only have to pay the grid "supply charge", that should be ok if you produce all or the lion share of your own power.

What is the PERFECT FREE POWER SYSTEM ? (once paid off in power savings)

Lets assume you have an approved AMF and ATS switching gear and Hybrid multi voltage input inverter fitted in your system, you can now incorporate Solar, Aqua, Wind, Batteries &/or a Diesel Generator into your system, then you will have the best power system to eliminate your power bill and go totally Off-Grid or turn-it-around and make money from your system if your energy storage is larger than your usage, you will reduce your break even period even quicker!

  • Energy Storage:
    • Battery Bank: Is a long-standing and over 100yr old traditional reservoir for storing excess energy/power that a systems produces for later harvesting.  Commonly in modern times a battery bank is predominately charged by Solar, Aqua, Wind or Diesel Generator.   Batteries operate silently & are relatively safe, some require ventilation &/or cooling fans, most are ideal for independent off-grid setup or can be on-grid using load shifting power.  Most Battery banks are capable of being rapidly charged by a fuelled generator &/or Hi-Amp low voltage Charger, some can be charged in 20 minutes spurts or up to 4 hours run time or less per day, making battery storage for power a game changer for the user or community.
  • Energy Harvesting & Generation:
    • Solar panels: Once fitted, other than a clean are virtually free of maintenance and produces free power for many years, excess power produced during the day should first be exported into your battery bank for later harvesting for Free!  Exporting Solar power into state grid during the day only provides 8 cents kW feed-in Tariff, better then nothing!  However, it's keeps you enslaved to the state grid, it's a lot smarter to export your Solar into your Battery bank for evening usage, instead of paying 300% more to purchase power back from the state grid!
    • Aqua Generators: Proven to be one of the best and most successful power productions systems if set-up correctly, there are several sizes kits costing from $1'000 that use a pipe(s) to channel water too a turbines from a stream, river, large dams, and reservoirs.  If you have a running water close by, a single 300W Aqua Turbine kit will generate 7.2kW power in 24hr day, using simple 3" PVC piping, or better still build a water Vortex using stone, bricks & cement.  A water vortex is built like a large bowl shaped water tank with a sink style hole at the bottom where water drains out, click here to read more, the best Aqua generators are all set up from a source of permanent flowing water, so they will operate 24/7 virtually free of maintenance for many years, the only drawback is needing a large or permanent source of water, mostly available and used in country regions.
    • Wind Generators: When purchased and set-up correctly they work free of maintenance for may years, but are totally reliant on the wind and should be installed clear of trees and building to gain clear flowing air, Wind Generators are usually used as an alternative supply of power due to there reliance on wind.  The best units have odd number of blades (up to 11), these turn Permanent Magnet Generators (PMG) (not a residential Alternator), this 11 blade PMG will set you back $1400 +Freight, we consider these one of the better ones currently on the market.
    • Diesel Generators: If you already have all or any Solar, Aqua, Wind and a Battery bank in your system, our Generator would only need to automatically start/run after sunset & only if your Battery bank rail voltage is to low.  The not so SECRET thing is, when you have a Diesel generator, you can run it on WVO for virtually FREE at $0.02kwh (2 cents), that includes purchasing a $30.00, 2 micron water blocking Marine fuel filter and assembling under $500 worth of equipment!

    Click Here to get a FREE system Evaluation !

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    The dirty secrets the Electricity Retailers don't want people to know: Read this article Electricity Retailers Redundant!

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