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Small Scale Super Capacitor Banks

What are Super Capacitors ?

Supercap's (SC or CAPS) have very high power delivery, But unless they are configured into a large bank, they individually provide very small energy storage for Micro Grids.

Small SC units: These units (shown above) come in 6~48v, the larger unit provides 52.8Wh (0.05kW) power, this capacity SC are becoming popular in Micro Grids for smoothing of discharge/charge cycles, and are used in conjunction with other forms of energy/battery storage (lead, nickel, lithium, flow batteries etc) and they will become more important for this duty in the future!

Click Here to Calculate the SC bank you require.

-------- // --------

3'000F, 2.7v Supercapacitors,

with 220A working current.

The variance of Capacitors.

3'000F, 2.7v Supercapacitors.

150F, 12v Supercapacitor Bank.

500F, 16v Supercapacitor Bank.

165F, 48v Supercapacitor Bank.


52.8Wh, 48v Supercapacitor unit.

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