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10kWh Quanchai QC385D Silenced Diesel GenSet

NB: We recommend this as the main go-to Gen-Set, and it can be used in conjunction with a Battery bank & Automatically Start via Hybrid Inverter!

Annual Fuel usage should be minimal, if this Gen-Set is only used when your Hybrid Inverter is notified of low battery voltage, then the inverter's Auto-Generator-Start (AGS), will Start the generator (if gen-set battery is charged).

However, you have the choise to program either the Gen-set or State-Grid for back-up power !

90% of the time Gen-set's only need operated for short periods, or until the battery voltage reaches a programmed voltage or timed period, to simply top up the battery's until the next Sun rise, where Solar will take over again (48v Wind Generators are also avaliable).

This Gen-Set is super quiet, with a 68db @7mt sound level, unit Crated weight is 600kg, costs $5'500 +Delivery, and is backed by an *Australian 1200 hour/ 1 year warranty.

This Gen-Set can be ordered in Single, Two or Three Phase, Brush-less 12 wire Alternator, Water cooled 50°C Radiator, direct injection 1.532 litre, 3 Cylinder, 4 stroke Diesel Generator, capable of producing a seriously high 10'000W maximum/12'000W continuous output of power.

It features dual heavy-duty IP66 rated 15A, 240V power outlets, as well as an 8.3A 12V DC outlet to accommodate charging a battery or battery bank, depending on your requirements.  The unit’s user-friendly design is facilitated by its electric key start, overload protection, low oil indicator and multifunctional LCD monitor.

This GenSet has been purpose built with duel swing doors for easy-access, aiding its minimal service requirements.  The dual swing access doors not only carry the thick sound insulation to provide super-quiet operating, they've been made extra-large for hassle free internal system access.  Internally, the generator features an oversized lead acid battery, air cooled fanning, an extra-large 48 Litre fuel tank, and an easy-flow oil drain drip tray.

Externally, it’s built with quality 3mm high tensile powder coated steel enclosure, secured with an assembly of heavy-duty bolts. Furthermore, the generator could run on diesel, bio-diesel and accept blended natural plant based fuels*.  Making this amazing eco-friendly technology produces exactly the same power outputs as conventional gen-sets, but with up to 85% less harmful emissions.

This Gen-Set diesel generator is perfect for home, farm and Industrial use as a portable power supply or where mains power is temporarily unavailable. Its heavy-duty, high-performance nature delivers an abundance of energy for all kinds of applications.

PRP: Prime Power is available for an unlimited number of annual operating hours in variable load applications, in accordance with ISO8528-1. A 10% overload capability is available for a period of 1 hour within 12-hour period of operation, in accordance with ISO 3046-1.  

ESP: Standby Power Rating is applicable for supplying emergency power in variable load applications for up to 200 hours per year in accordance with ISO8528-1. Overload is not allowed.


10kWh GenSet

10kWh GenSet

10kWh GenSet

Front Panel, with Australian Plugs.

Access to Alternator & Filters etc.

LHS Doors swing 180% of easy access.

10kWh GenSet

10kWh GenSet

10kWh GenSet

RHS closed Unit.

LHS closed unit.

RHS Doors swing 180% of easy access.

10kWh GenSet 10kWh GenSet 10kWh GenSet

SmartGen control unit.

Rear of SmartGen control unit.

Exhaust & Radiator compartment.

10kWh GenSet 10kWh GenSet

1.53 litre QC385d 3 Cylinder engine.

Engine exhaust and Radiator Silencing Air exit compartment.

If the Quanchai QC385D Silenced Diesel Generator suit your power needs Order it now!


  • Max Output: 12'000W / 12kW / 12kVA
  • Continuous Rated Output: 10'000W / 10kW / 10kVA
  • Power Outlets: Dual IP66 rated 41.7A 240V
  • AC Voltage: 240V 50Hz
  • DC Output: 12V - 8.3A
  • Battery: 12~24v, 120Ah Lead Acid battery
  • Alternator Type: Permanent brush less magnet
  • Dual IP66 rated 41.7A 240V power outlets
  • 8.3A 12V DC outlet
  • Multifunctional Smart-Gen LCD monitor
  • Reliable digital AVR - automatic voltage regulation
  • Overload protection
  • Low oil indicator
  • Extra-large dual swing access doors
  • Sound insulation gen-set shroud
  • Quality 3mm high tensile powder coated steel enclosure
  • Heavy-duty bolt assembly
  • Note: Power produced by generators can fluctuate +/- 5%. Do not attempt to connect any sensitive electronic devices without a suitable surge protector, or sending the power through a pure-sine Hybrid inverter first.
  • Electric key start
  • Type: Three-cylinder, 4-stroke
  • Water cooled 50°C Radiator, direct injection diesel
  • Engine Oil Type: 10W-30 / 10W-40 / 15W-30 / 15W-40 non-synthetic engine oil
  • Displacement: 1532cc
  • Engine Output: 11kW (15hp) @1500rpm
  • Compression Ratio: 18:1
  • Fuel Consumption: 280 (g/kWh)
  • Fuel: Commercially available diesel
  • Fuel Tank Capacity: 48L (8hr run time)
  • Oil Capacity: 4 Litres, with Easy-flow oil drain hose.
  • Rated Continuous Operation: 1 hours (10% over load) during 12hrs (100% load)
  • Noise Level at 7m: 68db
  • Enclosure: Sound insulated 3mm high tensile powder coated steel 
  • SKU: QC385D Engine 175kg


  • 1x Quanchai QC385D Diesel engine & Single Phase Generator
  • 2x Electric Ignition Keys
  • 1x Fuel Funnel
  • 1x Set Alligator Jumper Leads
  • 1x Tool Kit


  • Carton Weight: approx. 600 kg
  • Carton Dimensions (W x D x H): ? x ? x ? cm
  • Product Weight: 550 kg
  • Product Dimensions (W x D x H): 175 x 85 x 103 cm
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