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Residential Super Capacitor Units

We have posted this information as a possibility optional peak energy storage option.

This company's longevity is not known, as they don't bother replying !

What are Super Capacitors ?

Supercap's (SC or CAPS) have very high energy delivery, But unless they are configured into a large bank, they individually provide very small energy storage for Micro Grids.

Residential Standalone SC units:

KiloWatt Labs current SC modules range is 1.00kWh (12v), 3.55kWh (48v), 6.70kWh (48v), and 7.10kWh (48v) units, these  have been successfully configured in single, two and three phase banks, as the primary energy storage mechanism, and modules simply Plug & Play into any Hybrid Inverter.

For whatever, it is reported that KiloWatt Labs are currently only exporting the 3.55kW, 48V modules into Australia!

At this stage we are unsure if KiloWatts Labs will make a serous penetration into energy storage business, largely due to the hefty price tag of $4,260.00 for s 3.55kW Module, as this equates to costing $1'200kW, unless they will last 20~40 years, as there R&D has no proven energy through-put, track record or longevity!

These SC modules, claim to be ideally suited to applications where high Amp power demand is required, and could be an excellent energy storage option.

One outstanding feature of small SC module, they can be constantly Charged with 110A (higher for short periods), making for super fast charge periods of approx. 1/10 the time it takes to charge other battery technology.

Even though SC are not new technology, it is the first time they have been manufactured to supply the main peak-power.

Click Here to Calculate the SC bank you require.

-------- // --------

7.1kW & 3.55kW Super-capacitor Units, with 110A constant working current.

2018 design: 3.55kW 48v unit.

14.2Wh, 48v System.

7.10kW, 2x 3.55kW Modules housed in security Cabernet.

28.45kW Super-capacitor Tower.

Old 3.55kW Super-capacitor unit.

Inside an old SC Module.

Old 3.55kW Super-capacitor design.

See the design:

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