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15kWh Residential and Commercial Super Capacitor (SC) Modules

Ideal for Residential or Commercial Energy Storage:

These Super Capacitor Module use Graphene Dry-cell Technology, and are manufactured and assembled in China.

Our Dry-cell SC modules range is 6.70kWh (48v), and 15kWh (48v) each, and can be configured in single, or in Series of two, three or more to provide 3 phase banks, as the primary UPS energy storage, and these modules are Plug & Play into any 48V Hybrid Inverter.

The New breed of Dry-cell Graphene SC are making a serous penetration into energy storage industry, however the uptake using this particular Patented Technology may be slow due to the current price from $800kWh=$12'000 each (July 2019), past and current SC technology have superior & proven energy through-put (Cycle-life) track record of 30'000 cycles, making these units a good investment!

These SC modules could be an excellent addition to a new or existing battery system.

The most outstanding feature of SC, they can be constantly Charged & Discharged with 110A (higher for short periods), making for super fast charge periods of approx. 1/10 the time it takes to charge conventional battery technology.

Even though SC are not new technology, it is the first time they are been manufactured to supply main peak-power.

Click Here to Calculate or Design your own SC Module.

15kWh Mobile Module.

Gross Weight 90kg

15kWh Modules Cells.

Control Panel.

15kWh Modules Casing.

15kWh Modules Cells.

Control Panel.

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