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Fixed Flat or Tilted Solar Panels

Please Note: If you are wanting Roof Top Solar, we do NOT supply Rooftop racking, ask your installer as they should be able to.

Unless you live at the very top of Australia, Fixed Flat solar panels closely followed by or Fixed Tilted are the lease effective at harvesting the sun's energy, especially in Winter as the sun is lower on the horizon!

One of the good things about ground mounted solar arrays, they are easy to clean, cleaning solar panels will keep the solar harvesting at it's peak performance for all types of solar arrays.

Roof Mounted Solar Panels Roof Mounted Solar Panels Roof Mounted Solar Panels

Setting Foundations.

After commissioning.

The finished project.

Roof Mounted Solar Panels Roof Mounted Solar Panels Roof Mounted Solar Panels

Using the machine shed.

Typical Tilted Rooftop installation.

Flat Panel installation.


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