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  • Solar DAT Unit will harvest 10~11 hours of energy per Day for Sydney Latitude.
  • We recommend at least 50% of your Daily Power Consumption be stored in Batteries.
  • State Grid or Back-up Power should only be needed early in the Mornings, before Sunrise.

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:: Solar Panels & Inverters ::

Hybrid Inverter
(350watt) Solar Panels: 
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:: Match the Solar panels to DAT Solar Tracker Unit ::

Duel-Axis Tracking Units: 
Main Mast Height NB: Plus the DAT Tilt Racking Mast !
Foundation Pole Kit
Hi-Wind Stow Sensor Kit
Rotational Stop Kit

:: Batteries :: (after sun-set power)

Lithium Iron Po4 Batteries:   from $500 per kW.
Nickel Iron (NiFe) Batteries:   from $520 per kW.

:: Gen-Set Units :: (Black-out Proofing equipment)

Silenced Diesel Gen-Set
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Prices are collection from Alexandria, NSW 2015.

Allow 14~30 days transit time, depending on manufacturers stock, shipping & delivery.

We provide National FREIGHT delivery to your address at cost !

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