Order a Micro Power Grid Package Deal

Micro Grids are sold based on the Customers Daily Energy Consumption !

Use the correct link below, then we won't waste our time asking the obvious Questions.

Replace a 20~80kWh Daily Energy Consumption.

90% of Australian Customers Daily Energy Consumption is replaced with either a DAT-4 or DAT-8 units.    Then all you need to become Energy Independent for the next 30years is Energy Storage and a 6kW Auto Start Generator (AGS inverter function).

For Daily Energy Consumption Between 80~150kWh.

This Package Deal is for Farms and Businesses with commercial Energy consumption.

Full Equipment Package Deal Purchase Order form.

If you also require a Wind Turbine &/or Bio-Digester Equipment, then fill in this form as it tables most of the Equipment available!

Please Note: Those looking to invest in a Solar Farm for a long term income, a 100kW Solar Array is the largest Capacity anyone can build, and claim the One-Off Government Renewable Energy Credits (STC) Payment.   The STC Refund for 100kW Array is a tad over $52'000, that in turn pays for ALL the Solar Panels & Cabling etc., that significantly reduces the Return On Investment (ROI) time frame.

Energy Storage Costs start from $200~$900kWh depending on the Technology.


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