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Micro Grids are sold based on the Customers Daily Energy Consumption !

Use the correct link below, then we won't waste our time asking the obvious Questions.

This System Replaces $180~$700 Month Power Bill.

(Generates from 20~80kWh Daily Energy Consumption)

These DAT Kits Generate over 90% of Australians Daily Energy Consumption, by installing either a DAT-4 or DAT-8 Tracking unit. Then all you need to become Totally Energy Independent for the next 30years is Energy Storage and a 6kW Silenced (59dB) Auto Start Generator, as our YiY inverters have an AGS function, that requires no human intervention than making sure the Fuel supply does Not run dry.

This System Replaces $700~$1'350 Power Bill.

(Generates from 80~150kWh Daily Energy Consumption)

This Package Deal is for Farms and Businesses with large Energy consumption.

If you also require other equipment, like a Wind Turbine, Bio-Digester Equipment etc., then fill in the form below, as it tables most of the Equipment we offer!

This is our Full Equipment Package Deal Enquiry form.

Please Note: Those looking to invest in a Solar Farm for a long term income, a 100kW Solar Array is the largest Capacity anyone can build, and still be eligible to claim the One-off Government Small-scale Technology Certificate (STC) Payment.   The STC is a Government incentive, and in January 2022 a 100kW Solar Array provides 1'243 STC's, and with a value of $37 each, calculates to $45'991, that pays for ALL the Solar Panels, Cabling, Conduit etc. and reduces the Return-On-Investment (ROI) to *4 years!

As for Energy Storage, this Costs from $200~$900kWh depending on the Battery Technology.


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