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True Independent Micro Power Grids

We are attempting to educate one person at a time, of the easy intelligent ways, to become Truly Power Independent in 2~6 years.  All the facts are here to show you how.  So, take your time and read this page first.

"Plan Nothing & Succeed at nothing", it's your future !

Please Note: We are one of the very few businesses offering Residential Duel-Axis Solar Tracking units (DAT), installing a DAT unit will greatly increases the solar energy harvesting, a small 1~4 panel DAT-4 unit is approx. the size of a Hills Hoist, and can harvest 15~22kW per-day peak, if fitted with 4x 500W (2kW) solar panels.

In 2019, Australia became the world leader in the uptake of Solar, Solar provides one of the quickest way to replace your Daytime energy consumption, by harvesting and consuming the solar energy you harvest!

However, a system without a energy storage, leaves people enslaved to paying over 300% more than any Energy Retailers rebate offered for excessive energy harvested & sent into the state grid during daylight hours, and in many cases, just having enough energy storage to get you through to the next Sunrise, should be the FIRST step to "Power Independent" !

If you seriously want to become Free & independent of the over inflated power rates the deceptively named Electricity Retailer's charge for State Grid power, Click Here to read the 3 main items you need to become power independent!

If you already have a Solar array (that's been paid for in power saving), this calculator will show you the break-even time to invest in Batteries, commonly under Three years, all done by self consuming the power you harvest (off-grid people know this), thus not get stitched up by the deceptive electricity retailer rates.

From an investment point, it's that simple !

Have you ever made any money on a Vehicle purchase ?  Usually Not - But in 95% of cases a personal loan put towards the purchase of "Batteries & Solar", will pay for itself in power savings alone, and after the break-even point, the savings will continue for decades to come, where the ongoing savings would then be able to pay for a vehicle !

However, let's try to make Power Independence simpler to understand;

  1. FIRSTLY: You need to invest in the correct sized Battery storage and Solar array, that in turn allows you to store & self consume all your daily power needs, if not you will remain enslaved to paying the deceptively titled electricity Retailers (see this Video), that greatly inflate the actual cost of Residential power by over 300% from the commercial rate (3~6cents kWh), for just handing you an electricity Bill, and lets not forget the misleading self governed energy regulators, who in turn are owned by State Grid!
    1. Battery storage is the MAIN key to becoming Power independent, how you charge your battery bank is the next most important matter to understand, when set-up correctly you will NEVER have to purchase power again, off-grid people know this, But keep in mind, a Feed in Tariff (FIT) or Grid Credit is a refund/reward for what would normally be wasted power!
      LiFePo4 Battery's are best in affordability at approx. $520kW, with 10yr cycle warranty, where NiFe batteries have a proven track record to last for 30~60+years, during that time your original investment cost would have been returned 10 fold in ongoing power savings/rewards, and like a car, batteries are easy to relocate! NB: We recommend you consider incorporating a small Super Capacitor bank that removes the short Heavy appliance load conditions from your battery bank.

    2. Solar Panels: We first offer the latest (2019) solar panel technology, being 325W Half panel Monocrystalline panels, with 12BB (bus-bar), PERC, 60cell solar panels, as well as offering slightly cheaper top quality 6BB, 72cell 350W & 96cell 500W solar panels !   People with existing Solar are in the best position whilst the State Grid Rebate is so low!
      NB: Think, if you export say 5'000kWh of electricity Year (13kWh day) into the State Grid @$0.08 you get a measly Yearly rebate of $400, where if you sent that power into your batteries, you save paying for 5'000kWh @$0.28 =$1'400 per year, that savings will in turn Pay for your battery(s), in self consuming your own electricity after hours!
      With existing Solar, the investment in batteries usually takes 2~3 year to self fund, in Power savings.
      NB: In most cases, it would be way better to relocate Rooftop solar panels onto a DAT Unit, if you have the ground space!

    3. Hybrid-Inverter: We recommend you install one !
      Why you may Asking ?  Because common Solar inverters are only good for Solar, Not Batteries & Generator.
      It is very affordable to purchase Hybrid Inverter, then at any time later you decide to include a Silenced Diesel Generator, or even Wind & Aqua generation, it's a simple a plug & play upgrade.
      A Hybrid inverter software can automatically start & stop the generator as programmed, this would normally only happen late in the evening or early in the morning, and to simply produce additional power to top-up your batteries in the event they were heavily discharged, and just enough to get you through to Sunrise, where your Solar array will take over again.
  2. NOTE: Installing Duel-Axis & Single-Axis Solar Tracking Arrays, greatly increase Solar harvesting to over 10 hours day (Sydney), the further south you live, DAT harvesting will increase to over 50% more than fixed Flat panel Solar panel installation, Solar Tracking is covered here in more detail.

If you can grasp that information, you are well enough informed to become Power Independent!

All exited and want to know what it will cost you, then fill in this form & let us provide you with a Free Micro Power Grid Estimation cost !

If you want to better understand Power Bill charges Read this information.

To see how long it will take to repay your investment;

-------- // --------

If you do your research on Batteries, you will find Lithium Iron (LiFe Po4) batteries cost $500kW, where Nickel Iron (NiFe) batteries cost $550kW, are the best when it comes to longevity, whilst modern NiFe battery's evolved, they are 100 year old technology, these batteries are commonly reported to last 30~60+ years.

NB: NiFe batteries do not use acid & require little maintenance other than being topped up with distilled water every year or so, with very heavy use you may need to replace the none expensive electrolyte every 10+ years or so, this provides a like New battery for the next 10years!

If you or your business want to be energy savvy, you just need to invest in a Micro-Power-Grid with Batteries, then you will have the flexibility to reduce the state grid load, by transferring all excess on-site generated power into Batteries first, for evening consumption, & sell excess energy for the FIT, all assist to pay off your Micro-Grid quicker, than the average solar only system.

The rest of the information on this site explains how to become unchained from the deceptive electricity Retailers charges, and become truly power independent, REMEMBER: Solar, Batteries & Inverter = FREEDOM !

(*) Approximate, will vary depending on addition of Duel-axis Tracking, Battery size and final equipment purchased.

(#) Approximate, will vary depending of location and at cost Freight charges.

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