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Portable VigorBox Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) Battery & Inverter

VigorBox Power cell's come in several sizes, from 500W~5'000W Lithium-Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) Modules.

These units provide portable power for use on un-powered sites, or can be used in the event of a blackout to power essential equipment like Fridges etc, or for noiseless power whilst Camping.

VigorBox's are deigned to be charged by Solar, Vehicles or 240V load shift to charge the battery, usually done at night when rates charges are low, and store for later use.

These portable VigorBox module are affordable, and come with inbuilt inverter/charger for safe operation of sensitive electronic equipment computers etc.

The new 3kWh VigorBox comes with a design update and Casing is more rectangular and flatter than the previous generation, and weighs just 25kg, and comes with an Extendible trolley type Handle.

The New 5kWh module is easily transportable, with a module weight of 90kg, it's meant to be rolled into position.

Click Here to Download the Catalogue & Prices.

Technical Specifications

  • Usable Capacity: 5.0 kWh
  • Depth of Discharge: 80% (4.0kW safe discharge)
  • AC Power Output: 240V: 20.5A
  • DC Power Output: 5V:2A, 12V:10A, 24V:10A
  • Energy Load: 4.5kW Continuous (6.0kW Peak).
  • Supported Applications;
    • Solar Self-consumption.
    • Time of use & Load Shift Charging.
    • Backup Energy.
    • OFF-Grid Use.
  • Charge Parameters;
    • 240V Wall socket.
    • 12V DC Car Lighter Plug.
    • Solar Panels Directly Connect Socket.
  • Manufacturer's Warranty: 3 years
  • Operating Temperature: -20°C to 50°C (-4° to 122°F) 
  • Dimensions: 621mm x 507mm x 912mm (WxDxH)
  • Module Weight: 90 kg (198 lb)

Click image to see Specification Sheet

Powerwall Technical Specs

Powerwall Technical Specs Powerwall Technical Specs Powerwall Technical Specs
2023 Mobile 5kWh Module.   2023 3kWh Module with Heat Sink.   3kWh Module.
Powerwall Technical Specs Powerwall Technical Specs Powerwall Technical Specs
The Module.   The Module.   AU & Solar Plugs.
Powerwall Technical Specs Powerwall Technical Specs Powerwall Technical Specs
USB, 12V and Charging ports.   USB, 12V Output, Charging port.   Charging with Solar.
Powerwall Technical Specs

Powerwall Technical Specs


Powerwall Technical Specs

Internal components.   Internal components.   Boxed Module.
Powerwall Technical Specs

Powerwall Technical Specs


Powerwall Technical Specs
Charging methods.   Module sizes.  

Powerwall Technical Specs

Powerwall Technical Specs
Take them Camping.   Promo image.   General uses.
Powerwall Technical Specs

Powerwall Technical Specs


Powerwall Technical Specs

Solar DCV to Charge Battery.  

240V AC converter plug.

  International Converter Plug.
Video Boiling Water.   Video Outdoor Operation    

How does a VigorBox work ?

The Vigorous-box comes with a 3 year warranty, the battery has a daily cycle, meaning it's designed to charge and discharge each day, basically a VigorBox module is designed for using where there is no power, like on a Job site or Camping etc.

Is the VigorBox big enough to take my house off the grid ?

Yes, if your household uses less than 3.0kW between Sunset to Sunrise, one battery will be big enough.

However, you will need to install a separate Hybrid inverter with Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) function, that will allow you to first draw energy from VigorBox before importing energy from the state grid.

Can I use the VigorBox to load-shift ?

Yes you can, however a VigorBox is designed to be charged by solar or a Vehicle whilst it transit – it's also offers households without solar to take advantage of cheap off-peak electricity prices!

The idea of Load Shifting is to charge any battery or battery banks during off-peak times when the rates are commonly cheaper, and then use the stored energy during peak times. This is known as load-shifting – but it doesn't make much financial sense unless the off-peak rate is very cheap or you need to use the VigorBox on an un-powered location.

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