Rural & Commercial Solar Farm Energy Investment Calculators, show the difference between Fixed Tilted & DART Solar Racking.

Please Note: In 2023 a 100KW Solar Array is the Largest capacity allowable if you intend to Claim the one-off Payment of *$41'000 for the Government Renewable Energy Credits (REC) Scheme, the Payment is for 8 years REC's, this payment is Only made after the installation has been approved by a CEC accredited Installer.

The $41k covers the Lion share Costs of these 700W Bi-facial, Shingled Solar Panels!


 100KW Dual Axis Tracking (DART), Solar Farm 

Generates 1.1MW of Energy per Day, using 143x 700W Solar Panels.


These calculators to evaluate the MW of Energy you want to Generated per Day!

NB: Flat & Fixed Tilted (FT) Solar Racking is the most inefficient Racking, as a 5MW FT array requires 6'200 MORE solar panels to generate the same energy as 2.27MW DART array !

Flat & Fixed Tilted Solar Racking wastes money purchasing excessive quantities of Solar Panels, that in turn can only generate Peak Energy for approx, 5 hours per Day, this alone is what is causing the controversial "Over Supply" of Energy during the Mid-day period.

The only way to reduce this "mid-day Over Supply", is for the Retailers & Solar Installers to start spreading 1/2 or 1/3 of the solar panels between North West and North East, then Peak generation will Start earlier in the Morning & well into the Evening, or install Commercial Energy Storage Modules, then the Generator (system owner) can sell there energy to the State Grid for a Higher feed in rate during Peak Demand times, this is commonly early Morning or late Evening!

REMEMBER: Both the 2.27MW DART Solar Farm and 5MW FT Solar Farm above, both Generate 25MWh/p Energy per Day, clearly showing the superior energy Generated by a Dual Axis-solar Tracking array!

The Cost savings for just the Solar Panels on a 5MW DART System, is over $1.2 Million dollars, and yes, a DART system costs more, however the savings go towards a more difficult installation, where the real pay-off is a DART Superior Generation, of up to 14 hours per Day if installed in Tasmania, as DATs are more efficient the further South or North you reside of the Equator!

We find this is the main point nearly all investors don't understand, the saving made on purchasing substantially less Solar Panels, further reduces the installation Labour substantially.

DART Racking also provides other bonuses, like being able to use the land below the DART units or make for easier mowing & land maintenance, as well as greatly reduce your pay-back time.


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