Return On Investment (RIO) Calculator: (13)

 CRYPTO MINERS: 19x Bitmain (Antminer S19J XP) Miners each draw 13A @240V x 24 hrs = 60kW per hour. 

 Systems Daily Energy Consumption is approx. 1'450kWh day, supported by Energy Storage.

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If you allready have a Solar Array

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Micro Power Grid & Equipment Return On Investment (ROI) Calculator. 

 Enter Energy Consumption & Energy Rate; (Daily kWh Consumption Rate needed to calculate Income after ROI, based on Self Consumption)

Energy Consumed Power Rate
Peak-Energy & Rate ? 
@       7AM~5PM = 10 hours Peak Energy Rate.
Shoulder-Energy & Rate ? 
@       5PM~10PM = 5 hours, can be Off-set by Energy Storage
Off-Peak-Energy & Rate ? 
@       10PM~7AM = 9 hours Off-Peak Energy Rate.
 Retailer Daily Supply Charge ? 
$  =  $3 Phase, Quarterly Grid Supply Charge.   
State Grid Electricity COST: 

 Calculate your Equipment & Generation Cost; (The below equipment Costs are based the Exchange Rate at time of Ordering)

# Solar/Hybrid Inverter ? 

Separate inverter Not required if Hydrogen Energy Storage System Used.

# Solar Panels ? 

# Select Your Solar Racking Type ? 

 Hours of Generation. 

 # Dual Axis-solar Tracking Unit ? 

# Battery Energy Storage ? 

 # Estimated Cement Foundation ? 

 Select what you pay for Cement ?

# Estimated Installation Labour ? 

 Select what you think the Labour Cost would be to install ?

# Shipping Container Purchase ? 

 To unpack when ready, then use to house Inverters, Energy Storage & Equipment Shed.

# Back-up Diesel Generator ? 

Cost of Wind Turbine ? 

$   Wind Energy Generated:  kWh (Day)     kWh Wind Energy Generated (Year) 

Cost of Aqua Turbine ? 

$   Aqua Energy Generated:  kWh (Day)     kWh Aqua Energy Generated (Year) 

 Gen-Set Energy Generated:

       kWh (Day)   kWh (Year)     litres (Day)   $Day  

 System Energy Generation & Storage Results;

Solar Energy Generated:

kWh Peak Energy per Day    MWh Peak Energy per Day   

Energy Storage:

kWh Stored Energy.    $

 Small-scale Technology Certificates:

   STC QTY.    $STC Price.    $

 Micro Power Grid Results;





 *System Excess Energy Sold for Feed-In-Tariff: 

kWh Day   kWh Year     $

 The Excess Energy field MUST be Zero or Positive, if not increase the Energy Generation, as more Energy generated reduces the ROI period quicker !

 *Enter Excess Energy from above field to sell via P2P Energy Trading:

kWh Day   kWh Year     $  

In the Red P2P field above, Enter No more than kWh in the System Excess Energy field, the kWh will automatically deduct from System Excess Energy field.

 NB: You must have Energy Storage, to be able to Off-set or On-sell energy after Sunset through a P2P Energy Portal !

TOTAL System Cost: $ Calculate Equipment cost at Exchange rate!
Yearly Energy Consumption Cost: $ NB: Enough Overnight Energy Storage is required to Self-consume all your own generated energy.
System STC Rebate: $ If Claiming the One-off STC Payment, you may need to get Clean Energy Council (CEC) Certification.
ROI Payback Time:  Before profit, includes System cost, less any Rebates, Credits & Fuel cost.
Yearly Savings or Income: $ After the break-even period, includes Solar savings, Feed-in and Harvest Credits.

# Product costs shown are based on Exchange Rate at time of Ordering, so change the Exchange Rate above to show the time to Return On Investment (ROI).

* Only if more power is generated than consumed, this calculator will reduce your Payback Time further !

If you want to calculate your Battery system Amp-hour (Ah) into Kilowatt Hour (kWh) Electrical Click Here.

Important: Please note that all amounts and *estimates shown above can be set to suit multiple configurations, and are used for symbolic estimation purpose only.  The actual figure depends on lots of issues including quantity of sun (cloud coverage), Fixed panels, Single Axis or Dual Axis Tracking, Cabling (DC/AC), electrical connections and losses etc.  These amounts and figures should be considered as example only, and under whatever circumstances, we do not make any guarantee, or cannot be held responsible about these estimates, if used as an actual Return On Investment !


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