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OFF-GRID Power Station

Total Power Independence requires just 4 items, matched to your Daily Energy Consumption;

  • Item-1) Solar Array inc. Aqua, Wind, Bio-Gas capable of Generating your largest total Daily kWh Energy Consumption.
  • Item-2) Inverters are the brains of all micro grids, allowing battery to be charged, and Power Output management.
  • Item-3) Energy Storage recommend a minimum kWh equal or great than your Sunset too Sunrise Energy Consumption.
  • Item-4) Optional Silenced Fuel Generator will Blackout-proof your premises, providing 24/7 Power Back-Up!
    We highly recommend purchase a Generator with Electric Start if wanting an automated Micro Grid, the YiY & LUX Inverters come standard with an Automatically Generator Start (AGS) Function, and commonly will only be started when Low Battery SOC or Low Voltage triggers the AGS function, instead of Totally Discharging & Damaging your Batteries !

Important: Whilst operating a generator the power should be going directly into the inverter via the AC input, then you benefit by harvesting the additional Power that would normally wasted, and charge your Batteries at the same time.

Once you have those items, from any location in Australia and the rest of this Planet, you will be able to Self-fund your own Micro Power Grid in Energy savings alone, and the savings start the instant your system becomes operational !  So, it makes complete financial and ecological sense to integrate Batteries into your Power Station.

Energy Storage is the Turn-key item.  Your minimum kWh of energy storage should be at least the kWh Energy you Consume from Solar Sunset through to the next Sunrise. Purchase more kWh energy storage than your Daily consumption, will assist in getting you through extended Bad Weather, and thus reducing your batteries from being over discharged, especially Lead Acid, Lithium LiFePO4 Batteries have a minimum 6'000 cycle life if don't discharged them less than 80% Depth-of-Discharge (DOD).

The Latest Super Capacitor (SC) energy storage banks have been tested to cycle over 30'000 times (30'000÷365=80 years) thus providing a lifetime of back-up energy, however SC Energy Storage is substantially more Expensive.

In the coming years Residential Hydrogen Energy Storage will evolve to play a substantial roll in the Energy sector, as Hydrogen is currently doing in the Commercial sector.

These Investment calculator demonstrate show that fuel generators and photovoltaic (PV) technology can be combined in perfect harmony.

Where a larger stand alone Diesel generators use a Generator system controller to managing the generator operation, a Hybrid Inverter will work in harmony with a system controller to ensures fast and reliable control of the entire system.

We provides support in planning a PV & Gen-set solution, again it all comes down to your daily power consumption, whereby you invest in a fuel generator to Blackout proof your premises and usage for as short a time as possible, it is very simple to up-size your PV system in the future, by adding additional solar modules.

Commonly the smallest generator we suggest is a 3.5kW unit, generally speaking will provide the heaviest power demand for most premises.

Remember: Initially all that is required to provide a black-out proof system, is a Generator that would only be operated to top-up your battery bank in the event of prolonged bad weather or until the next Sun rise!

These are the main Generator sets we offer;

4.2kWh Diesel GenSet.

6kWh Diesel GenSet.

6kWh Diesel GenSet.

4.2kW, Silenced (58dB), Air cooled Petrol Generator.


4.5kW Silenced (55dB), Air cooled Petrol Generatorl Silenced Gen-set, 58dB @7mt.

Recommend Fuel Generator !


6kW Solar Generator, No Fuel needed, operates of 48V, 5.12kWh LiFePO4 Battery.

6kWh Diesel GenSet.

4.2kWh Diesel GenSet.


6kW, 1 cylinder, Air cooled Petrol (Bio-Gas convertible) Silenced Gen-set, 62dB @7mt.


1.50kW, 1 cylinder, Air cooled Petrol/Bio-Gas Generator, 72dB @7mt.

10kWh Diesel GenSet.   10kWh Diesel GenSet.

10kW, 3 cylinder Diesel engine

Silenced Generator 68dB at 7mt.


20~500kW, Silenced Housing with large Long Run Chassis Fuel Tank. (POA).

This Commercial size Generator is Not needed for a modern Micro Grid, as you can Not Charge Batteries any Quicker with the Over supply of power, excess Power is wasted if not being consumed !


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