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Return on Investment (ROI) CALCULATORS

Dual Axis-solar Radiation Trackers Return-On-Income (ROI) Calculators;

If you are Not interested in Claiming the Small-scale Technology Certificate's (STC's), simply remove them.

Examples: Below DART Racking is Calculated on 550W Solar Panels;

Commercial Solar Farm Calculators: Commonly Solar Farm owners sell all there unused Energy either via P2P Energy Trading or via the AEMO Market, and Not via the Rip-off Energy Retailers.   

Selling Commercial Solar energy require a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA), to be able to calculate what the break-even point would be.

  • Solar Arrays over 100kW commonly sell there Energy on the AEMO Market, if not self consumed or Stored, either way this still involves signing a PPA Contract.
  • A Growing disruptive service allows Prosumers to sell there Energy via P2P Energy Trading.

Incompetent policy making bureaucrats are now talking of Charging Solar Generators/Prosumers for Exporting there un-used mid-day Peak load Power, that is said to cause a over-supply power spikes at some Sub-station Distribution lines, this is predominantly caused by the majority Cave-Man Fixed Panel that are predominantly installed facing North, instead of Installing Energy Storage at the troubled Sub-stations !

If you are seriously looking to make an income from investing in Solar, we recommend you research installing Energy Storage, then you can fully benefit from your investment by selling your stored energy during peak Demand times, commonly starts around 4PM~8PM, although many people consume a lot of energy at breakfast making Tea/Coffee etc. from Sunrise to around 9AM, this is morning Shoulder energy coming out of Off-peak Power.

Energy Storage eliminates the need for the Rip-off Retailers, as your Stored Energy can be self-consumed or if commercial, be Sold under a PPA for a Better Export Rate during Peak Demand times, thus also reducing the payback period.

We consider it's the Governments job to install Energy Storage to stabilise the State Grid, unfortunately the imbeciles in the Energy sector do little, and pretend they know what they are doing, other than waiting for a pay cheque arrives each week!

The Return-On-Investment (ROI) for a DART array is approx. 25% per year, No other Racking type can provide that ROI.

Most people are unaware that a DART Array is far superior at Generated energy, and requires less than half the solar panels as Roof Top Solar Racking, and that contributes to shorten the ROI time!

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Calculator the Return-On-Investment (ROI) matched your Consumption;

These calculators provide a Return On Investment (ROI) time, based on your Energy Consumption.

(1) Break-Even Calculator for $200 Quarterly Power Bill ($800 year)

(2) Break-Even Calculator for $290 Quarterly Power Bill ($1'160 year)

(3) Break-Even Calculator for $350 Quarterly Power Bill ($1'400 year)

(4) Break-Even Calculator for $500 Quarterly Power Bill ($2'000 year)

(5) Break-Even Calculator for $950 Quarterly Power Bill ($3'850 year)

(6) Break-Even Calculator for $1'100 Quarterly Power Bill ($4'400 year)

(7) Break-Even Calculator for $1'400 Quarterly Power Bill ($5'600 year)

(8) Break-Even Calculator for $1'750 Quarterly Power Bill ($7'000 year)

(9) Break-Even Calculator for $2'220 Quarterly Power Bill ($9'000 year)

(10) Break-Even Calculator for $3'800 Quarterly Power Bill ($15'000 year)

(11) Break-Even Calculator for $5'500 Quarterly Power Bill ($22'000 year)

(12) Break-Even Calculator for $5'500 Quarterly Power Bill ($20'000 year)

(13) Break-Even Calculator for $100kW Solar Farm (Provide a *$40'000 Yearly Income/Savings)

Or see how Quickly your Existing Solar will take to Pay-off Energy Storage.

NB: Dual Axis-solar Tracking Units Return over 25% yearly on investment cost!

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Is there a quicker payback time ?

Yes, invest in a system with Energy Storage, then you instantly start consuming your own energy after Solar Sunset, and if your system is correctly configured, you will NOT need to Purchase any Power from the Rip-off Retailers!

If on the other hand you system generates Large amounts of abundant energy, we suggest you investigate selling your Power through Power Ledger, as there distribution system allows a system Owner/Posumer to sell there excess energy to your neighbours or anyone using the same Distribution company, at a price you agree-upon, OR simply sell your excess energy to a Retailer, who in-turn sells your power at the full Retail price to your neighbours, whilst you only get 8~10cents kWh feed-in tariff, commonly that requires you Gift 12kWh of energy per Day to cover the $30 month State Grid Service charges to remain Grid connected.

Note: The amount of Energy Generated is dictated by the type of Solar Racking you use, Fixed/Tilted rooftop or ground mounted Solar is the least efficient at generating energy, where Single and Dual Axis Solar Tracking units significantly increase the amount of energy Generated per year.

If planning to Go Off-Grid using Solar Array & Gen-set, we highly advise you invest in the correct sized Energy storage, as battery storage is a lot cheaper long term than the fuel cost for a Generator, if your area is plagued by power outages & ever increasing power bills, a system with Solar, Batteries & Gen-Set, will provide a totally reliable and independent energy system!

To totally black-out-proof most premises, commonly a small 4.5kW Auto-start Generator is all that is needed, a GenSet would rarely be start for an hour or two, if you happen to drain the battery bank before Sunrise or during extended bad weather.

Tell us what your energy consumption is, then we can supply a FREE evaluation Cost for your own Power Station.

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Battery Energy Storage Charge & Discharge Calculators;

Calculate how long your Energy Storage will last: Click Here

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Generator Power Load TEST Calculator;

Calculate the Energy load required to run your Appliances: Click Here

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Generator Fuel Consumption Calculator (Bio-Gas, LPG, Bio-Diesel)

Calculate the Fuel cost & Power Generated: Click Here

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Green-House Gas Calculator;

Calculate the cost of Fuel & Greenhouse Gas Generated: Click Here

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