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Fronius Hybrid Inverters & Battery Management System

Fronius Primo 3~6kW & SYMO 6~10kW Hybrid Inverters cost P.O.A.

Fronius inverters are made in Austria, and enable people to connect batteries to their premises, now or in the future. It also enables them to DC and AC couple batteries, which presents numerous benefits when incorporating batteries. 

Fronius inverters provide a maximum efficiency of up to 97.6%, Wi-Fi connectivity, free monitoring via Solarweb, compatibility with the Fronius Smart Meter and an extendible warranty.

The Fronius Single Phase Primo GEN24 +Plus, and Three Phase Symo GEN24 +Plus Hybrid inverter now available.

Fronius has a strong history with battery chargers, dating back to the 1940s, giving them a significant advantage on most other hybrid solar inverter manufacturers.

Fronius has also introduced extra features into their hybrid inverters like multi-flow technology and complete system monitoring, making their Hybrid inverters a quantum leap for home energy.

The Primo & Symo GEN24 +Plus Hybrid is the newest model, with built-in DC Disconnect switch, 180° Casing Removal Screws, with additional components and firmware.

The GEN24 +Plus is one of the few solar inverters that can be configured to provide backup power. This means that if you have available solar panels, your system can be configured to draw on this power if the State Grid has an outage, if you Don't have Energy Storage.

Solarweb, enables customers to see their production figures via the internet from anywhere in the world.  Furthermore, free iPhone and Android App make accessing this data a breeze.  The open communication protocol and energy management function enables you to integrate easily to components from third party suppliers and optimise the self consumption of power.  It will also show you all your household consumption in real-time when connected to a Fronius Smart Meter.

The Fronius Primo +Plus & Symo +Plus Hybrid Inverters have the able to provide electricity, in the event of State Grid Power Outage.

Download the latest GEN-24 +Plus Fronius Hybrid Inverter Manuals.

Inverters Access.

Single or 3 phase Hybrid Inverters.

180° Casing Screws Panel Removal.

Hybrid Inverter Panel.

Heat Radiant Cooling.

Fronius Smart Meter.

GEN24 Plus Inverter Features

Some of the stand out features of the new inverter range include the extremely wide PV operating (MPPT) voltage range which starts from a very low 65V for the Primo and 80V for the Symo. This means strings can be as small as 3 panels.

  • Very wide MPPT voltage range – 65V to 530V.
  • Dual MPPT trackers – 22A / 11A – Parallel strings OK.
  • Very high battery efficiency – 94% round-trip.
  • Basic grid backup with or without a battery – PV point (3kVA).
  • Full backup power with battery (22A).
  • Over-sizing solar array up to 180%.
  • Advanced active cooling system with front heat shield.
  • Arc fault detection (US only).

The most obvious physical feature is the unique front-mounted fan giving it a surprisingly retro look. Although, there is much more behind the front cover as it hides an extremely sophisticated thermal management system with a cleverly designed spiral heat-sink.

This active cooling system described in more detail below helps improve both performance and reliability. But it doesn't stop there; the GEN24 Plus will also feature integrated grid backup and 4 digital inputs/outputs to take full advantage of smart home controls.

The one apparent deficiency is the lack of a display or buttons. Although, this has become an industry norm as inverters transition to App based setup and monitoring.

GEN24 Plus Battery options

The GEN24 plus inverters will initially only be compatible with the higher voltage battery systems (Premium HVS & HVM models).

Quick installation and setup

Like the snap-in inverter range, the new Gen24 plus inverters have an enclosed cable/terminal connection area which makes installation much neater and easier for installer.

Throughout the long development process, Fronius was actively gathering feedback from solar installers about features which would make the installation and commissioning process quick and easy. This led to several innovative design features and a new mobile App which will no doubt make the new GEN24 plus series some of the easiest inverters to install and setup.

  • Fast 3-Step commissioning with new Fronius App.
  • Easy auto WiFi connection using one touch WPS button.
  • Fast cover removal – access via 130° locking screws.
  • No tool, spring clip internal cable connections.
  • Rear access & large internal cable area for neat installs.
  • Easy inverter breakdown and exchange of parts.

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